About Us

Coming as a boon to the dance and fitness lovers in Pondicherry, School of Dance and fitness Experience (SDFX), is a marvelous dance and fitness studio opened in Pondicherry, dedicated to bringing quality and affordable dance instruction to the people in and around Pondicherry.

Bringing you great dancing, great music and great vibes, SDFXoffers a wide variety of recreational and competitive dance and fitness classes for all age groups. The simple motive of our studio is to provide a stress free zone for people to come in and experience what real freedom is, through dance and fitness.

Our Mission

SDFX is committed first and foremost to fostering the love of dance and fitness in our customers. We are passionate about dance and our primary focus is developing each student’s talents by nurturing their individual abilities. Our goal is to instill self confidence and self esteem as well as an understanding and appreciation for dance that each student can carry throughout their lives, no matter what profession they may choose.


31 st December 2016 , saturday

bombay to pondy


• State-of-the-art facility - Air conditioned Wooden Dance floors , change rooms, high ceilings, and a viewing lounge for parents
• State of the art sound system
• Small class size will be 20 students – Largest class size will be 30 students
• Personal Coaching Sessions for students looking for one-on-one interaction
• Private classes, choreography sessions, private events,sangeeth are all undertaken